Pain Free Life, LLC


Dr. Gilbert Renaud—a recognized professional in holistic health—began studying the principles of emotional traumas in 1993 and eventually developed a thoroughly researched body of work which is today known as Recall Healing.

Recall Healing mainly is a technique that helps an ill person to discover the real influences responsible for the illness. As we earlier mentioned, behind every illness or disease are lurking emotional trauma or conflict which we often times are not aware of its effects. In fact, we believe (and it’s proven) that sicknesses and diseases are most times a coping mechanism that is adopted by our bodies; they’re just the way your brain tells you there is a stress or trauma that you need to resolve. This might have occurred recently or even a long time ago.

To explain the effects of conflicts on the human body (sicknesses and diseases) is the discovery that the physical and emotional dispositions of expectant parents affect the fetus. Many conflicts between the couple at this time are often transferred unto the baby.
This might later (as a result of stress) manifest physically as tumors even though the baby has no knowledge of these conflicts.
For example, as a kid who was conceived after the parents had a big argument, you might eventually develop a condition where you always feel the need to bring peace between your parents as well as other people. If it then happens that your parents eventually end the dispute via divorce or the people you’re trying to mediate between do not resolve their conflicts, you will end up feeling like a terrible failure, incapable of resolving such conflicts in the first place. 
No matter the level of pain, discovery and the application of a proper technique will result in the restoration of health. Even Cancer (which is one of our main focus here) can also be recovered from. It actually also has conflicts as its source too. Cancer is not an enigma. It is mainly an opportunistic disease that often seeks out weakened areas in the body to harbor in. These weakened areas are often a result of buried traumas and emotions combined with stress stimulating experiences, making way for cancer to dwell in the body. When we help you discover these hidden influences, cancer’s hold gradually begins to weaken and diminish. 
Because the body is a center for our subconscious emotional and mental experiences, our Recall Healing method works by getting our clients to “recall” certain incidences that were responsible for the sickness—knowing that the discovery of this source is the first step in your journey to total health.